Privacy Policy

This is the official Privacy Policy for iFixNow Los Angeles.

Your Privacy

iFixNow Los Angeles takes your privacy seriously and we want you to be aware of how we work. This notice is provided so that when making decisions online, like requesting information from our site or providing personal details in general discussions with other customers/users; users have the ability to make informed choices regarding their own affairs by reviewing this policy statement beforehand!

Collection of Personal Information

Your IP address is recorded when you visit iFixNow Los Angeles, but this information will not be linked back to your personal identity. All data collected on our audience allows us to make better programs for them in return they can have an enjoyable experience with us!

Links to third party Websites

iFixNow Los Angeles is providing you with links to other sites on this website for your convenience and reference. While we do our best in maintaining the privacy of all users, please know that their policies may vary from ours so there could be differences between what information they share about themselves or how individuals express themselves online through these platforms as well!

Changes to this Privacy Statement

iFixNow is an ever-changing organization, so this statement may change at any time.

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